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Bread & Spices

You don't just
keep delicious
things to yourself



Bread & Spices bakes hot and fluffy goodies every day.
While searching for a menu online, we saw that they
didn't have a website, so in addition to the butter
croissant, we pushed for a meeting. That's how we got
our hands on our first client.

Our task was a simple one: the design and feel of the new
website were to be brought up to the level of the products
and services offered.

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  • Services

    Competitive data analysis, Product & service vision, Customer insights, Content strategy, Digital strategy, Concept development, Copywriting, Web design, Web development, Digital media buying & planning strategy, Social media strategy & management, Cpc, Photoshoting, Print, Project management

  • Team

    Strategy director, Creative director, Client service, Concept developer, Copywriter, Web designer, Ux/ui designer, Art director, Full-stack developers, Social media manager, Project manager, Media planner



After thorough research into the world of coffee, pastry,
and sweets, we created a simple and timeless design where
we could show the products in their true glory. We insisted
on a professional photo shoot, the results of which can be
seen every step of the way on the new website.

In the second phase of the development, we added the
eCommerce component through a completely customized
module. The biggest challenge here was translating the
specifics of the business into an e-shop. After all, gourmet
food is different from fast food.

  • Technologies

    Wordpress, Woocommerce, Php, Css, Mysql, Javascript, Custom development, Interactive prototyping

  • Functionalities

    Login & registration, Basket, Payment, User account, Wishlist, Product management, Orders management, Checkout, Vat and shipping costs, Customizable order flow, Online chat, Customer service, Automated newsletters




Media campaign

After the website launch, we created the umbrella message
and communicated the concept on multiple channels. After
the awareness period, we segmented each category of the
business and created tactical campaigns, significantly
increasing sales in each area.

  • Channels

    Facebook, Google, Instagram, Waze, In-store

  • Deliverables

    Facebook newsfeed, Facebook new audience, Facebook boost post, Facebook remarketing cpc, Gdn, Google search, Google remarketing cpc, Insta newsfeed, Insta static story, Waze ads, Roll ups

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