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Rainbow is an American company that has been selling
vacuum cleaners for the last 80 years. The project
came with two challenges: how can you run a sales campaign
without displaying the product price?

And second: how do you transition from an MLM business
model to a user-friendly digital-savvy approach?

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    Digital strategy, Customer insights, Concept development, Copywriting, Web design, Ux/ui design, Web development, Social media strategy, Digital media buying & planning strategy, Photoshooting, Cpc, Project management

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    Strategy director, Creative director, Client service, Concept developer, Copywriter, Web designer, Ux/ui designer, Full-stack developers, Social media manager, Media planner, Project manager


Landing page

The new landing page had to play the role of surrogate for
the door to door salesman. So our pitch had to be strong.
To get closer to the level of detail of the face to face product
presentation, we insisted on a photoshoot with the equipment
and the accessories.

  • Technologies

    Wordpress, Php, Css, Mysql, Javascript, Custom development, Interactive prototyping

  • Functionalities

    Custom design & development, Php sessions development, Custom online appointments module, Chat module, Custom acquisition & service leads forum, Custom message box, Custom csv/pdf appointment export




Media campaign

In the absence of price information, we carved out the
most important KPIs of the product and built the digital
communication around them.
Each RTB (reason to believe) of our presentation was
thoroughly researched and showcased in a blunt and
fun way.

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    Facebook, Google, Instagram, Sms

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    Facebook newsfeed, Facebook new audience, Facebook sponsored posts, Facebook remarketing cpc, Gdn, Google search, Google remarketing cpc, Instagram newsfeed, Instagram static & video story, Sms marketing

Facebook ads

Facebook ads

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google display network

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