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The first smart
donation app



Seva was born as a revolutionary idea: the first
blockchain-powered smart donation app for
clothes and shoes. The project was born through
the collaboration between Miniprix and Supply

We were tasked with developing the brand from
scratch and designing all the processes of the new

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  • Services

    Competitive data analysis, Product & service vision, Customer insights, Branding, Ux/ui research, Concept development, Copywriting, Web design, Ux/ui design, Web development, Packaging & print design, Interactive prototyping, Project management

  • Team

    Strategy director, Creative director, Client service, Concept developer, Copywriter, Art director, Web designer, Ux/ui designer, Full stack developers, Project manager



Seva is a sustainable concept that works through people.
This was our starting point in building the brand identity.
From here, everything grew organically like a soybean
sprout. Green, optimistic, with a strong and inspirational

  • Services

    Customer insights, Product & service vision, Identity & positioning, Concept development, Copywriting, Art direction, Ux/ui design, Project management

  • Team

    Strategy director, Creative director, Client service, Concept developer, Copywriter, Art director, Ux/ui designer, Project manager



Seva is a project that we could talk about for hours, so the
biggest challenge was how to deliver that information in a
simple uncluttered way. Establishing the best information
flow and the most efficient UI/UX process were our priorities.

And because the project staked its success on the individual
initiative of the users, all the elements were sales-oriented.

  • Technologies

    Wordpress, Php, Css, Mysql, Javascript, Custom development, Interactive prototyping

  • Functionalities

    Custom design development, Php sessions development, Custom counter module, Mailchimp integration, Website speed optimization, Animations




Mobile app

The app design followed the simple logic of the initial branding,
but with extra graphic elements specific to the UX of an app. We
worked closely with Supply Blockchain to integrate the innovative
blockchain and tracking system.

  • Technologies

    Blockchain coding architecture, Javascript, Swift development, Android development, Ios & android compatibility

  • Functionalities

    Qr code, Order status, Order history, Order tracking, Real time geo location, Api data base connectivity, Custom form by category

mobile app